Surfing The Nations

Live Outside the box

With their desire to see all ages live inspiring and adventurous lives, a movement started. STN has grown organically ever since. The Bauers continue to equip the next generation to pursue a radical lifestyle of selfless service and meeting needs in communities globally.
The concept of integrating surfing and humanitarian work began way back in the early surf era with founder Tom Bauer. As a young boy who loved surfing, he found himself caught in the characterization of the surf culture as one marked by drugs, partying and self-centeredness. After fully grasping the concept that surfing and giving back can actually go hand-in-hand, Tom committed his life to mobilizing surfers and action sports enthusiasts to serve and be leaders of positive change in communities both locally and internationally. The vision of Surfing The Nations was born! If Tom isn’t sipping chai teas in his favorite shop, Surfers Coffee, he’s leading teams to far off risky places or speaking at various organizations around the world.
We all know the saying “Behind every good man, is a great woman.” That woman is Tom’s wife and co-founder, Cindy Bauer. Mother to 4 beautiful girls and with family all over the world Cindy has managed to simultaneously commit her life to this revolutionary movement and mission of STN. Our motto of “Live outside the box” is a concept that has opened doors and brought positive change to the action sports world, third world, first world, and even some of the darkest, gnarliest, nastiest areas of life. If her popcorn bowl is empty, she is probably teaching, or perhaps collecting an award, or maybe strategizing how to bring city wide change with local officials. Her door is always open for challenging conversations, in-depth discussions and sincere heart-to-hearts. From humble beginnings to running an award winning organization, Tom and Cindy’s desire is to see transformation happen in communities around the world.

Live Outside The Box

Impacting communities through training, selfless service, & action sports.

Surfing The Nations facilitates life changing training programs and outreach trips globally, so that you can be all that you were born to be in your communities, and in your adventures.